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When I saw that Cheryl Klein had posted her review of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (P&P&Z), it reminded me that I hadn’t posted about my thoughts on the book.

I got my copy of the book in audio form because I needed something new to listen to at  work (got to love I enjoyed the narrator, the formal tone she used made me laugh at the  “unmentionables”.

Spoiler Alert

I thoroughly enjoyed the first few chapters. The zombie fight in the middle of the country dance was amusing. I couldn’t help but laugh envisioning the Bennett sisters as Shaolin warriors decapitating and slaughtering zombies. I enjoyed the way that the author seemed to just insert the zombies without altering much of the story in the beginning.

As the story went on, the alterations became more frequent, more annoying, and just not needed.  When the author chose to make Charlotte Lucas a unskilled, non-fighter, I questioned why Elizabeth would be such good friends with her.

The author use of honor as a way of starting fights was really quite annoying and just didn’t fit the characters. Elizabeth seemed to become a violent cold killer and that didn’t match the rest of the story. When the Darcy’s first proposal became a physical fight between the two, it lost all the effect of Elizabeth’s words. Lady Catherine’s ninja’s and propensity for violence seemed to lose the false elegance that she had in the original novel. I would forgive the changes if they enhanced the story or made me laugh, but they did neither.

So what is my final verdict: Great try, but not a bullseye.

Yes, the rumors are true. Lego announced that they are adding Lego: Harry Potter to the Lego video game franchise. The game trailer is below:

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Now I just have to wait till 2010.

Here are some new clips and trailers to make up for my lack of posts the past couple of weeks.

New Moon Trailer (From MTV Movie Awards):

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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Clip (From MTV Movie Awards):

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Update: Chuck has gotten the pick up for season three. Only bad news, we have to wait till mid-season.

Save the show campaigns always get interesting. There was the Jericho fans that sent in peanuts, fans ads in variety and other interesting campaigns. I stumbled upon on campaign yesterday that I decided to put my name and money behind, Save Chuck!

I got into Chuck due to a good friend telling me I would like it and lending me the first season. Well, I’m now officially hooked. Some of the other fans have gotten together to do a campaign to get the show renewed by donating to the American Heart Association in the name of Chuck Bartowski.

Love Chuck?? Want to help? Head to the link below for instructions on how to donate in Chuck’s name.

Have a Heart - Renew Chuck

Have a Heart - Renew Chuck


Posted on: April 30, 2009

A few years back I was asked in a interview something along the lines of “how comfortable are you learning new software?” I calmly and with as much attitude as was acceptable, this was a job interview, said “I can learn any software.” Well, those words came back to haunt me recently.

For the last couple of years my career has been focused on developing online learning materials. You know those online classes, we all have to take on safety in the work place or defensive driving.  I build these materials using a number of different tools, that then output the materials into online learning compliant Flash files. So for the last two years I have been asking my manager if I could take a Flash class. This year I finally got my wish.

I signed up for the online Flash course offered through Adobe. I did the first part of the course with no problems. Thinking in frames instead of time or space was a change, but I got it. Then I started the second part FlashScript…..Suddenly the class was talking about classes and objects and functions, Oh My! I don’t have any experience in programming. The closest I’ve gotten to coding was HTML web pages.

I’ve been able to complete the class, but I will never again say I can learn any software.

I’ve been doing some thinking and debating about my blog for the last little while (at least that is my excuse for not posting for quite a while) and I finally decided that I’m going to stick with just writing my ramblings.

So here is the first ramble in a while, Tinted Windows first album is out today!! I’ve been a Fountains of Wayne fan since before Welcome Interstate Managers came out and I dig Adam Schlesinger’s other band Ivy, so when he announced that he would be part of the super-group Tinted Windows, I had to check it out.

I love Power Pop! I don’t know why, maybe it was too much music exposure in the 80’s. I love a good 3 minute pop song that you can thump the beat on your steering wheel too. When I first listened to Kind of a Girl on the Tinted Windows site, I was hooked. I was completely willing to overlook that one of the brothers from Hanson was in the band. So when I checked today and found that they where streaming the whole album, I was excited.

I needed something new to listen to and it is  just what I needed, good pop songs that keep me going. Is it as good as Welcome Interstate Managers or Traffic and Weather, proably not, but it is a solid power pop album and I’m happy with that.

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